Monas NFT — Art or Memes?

  • Limited to 10.000 Monas
  • 0% royalties
  • Generated from hundreds of different traits
  • Community driven
  • Display art on digital frames;
  • Have the same artwork being displayed on multiple places, at the same time. Be it your car, your living room, your watch, your phone, your TV. You name it. The same artwork, displayed in unlimited places at the same time.
  • Unlike traditional artworks, with NFTs you don’t have to worry about forgeries. They live in the immutable Ethereum Blockchain and both ownership and authorship can be verified.
  • Ease of trade. With NFTs you can sell them in seconds all around the world. Not having to worry about having them shipped somewhere and maintaining the physical integrity of the artwork.
  • Have your own virtual gallery! If you are not familiar with those, have a look at ours.

Monas Army

Mona Memes


Preams’ Sunday Church



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Monas is a unique NFT project that is made of 10.000 programatically generated pieces of Art. Each Mona is a mix of Art, history and references from iconic NFTs